Why work for an International Financial Institution?

International Financial Institutions provide excellent career opportunities for professionals with various backgrounds to thrive in a highly diverse and professional work environment.

Contrary to common belief, IFIsInternational Financial Institutions do not hire only engineers and economists but seek specialists in a broad range of fields.

These fields include:

  • social protection
  • natural resource management
  • law
  • urban development
  • public health
  • engineering and IT
  • gender
  • climate change
  • public-private partnerships
  • banking
  • human resources
  • communications

Needs vary according to the institution's thematic focus. In general, private sector experience is highly valued, and applications from corporate professionals or other professionals with relevant experience are welcome to apply.

Some IFIs, such as the IFC and the EBRD, need more candidates in finance and economics than others. Find out which profiles are regularly sought at ADB, AfDB, AIIB, GCF, IDB and the World Bank.

Qualified Swiss professionals are eligible - and encouraged - to apply for open positions at these IFIs.

A unique opportunity

When joining an IFIInternational Financial Institution , you will work in multicultural teams, live in foreign countries, and gain exposure to an institutional environment that is likely to be substantially different to what you are used to. 

You will be able to expand your expertise on a specific country or region while working with a diverse group of people in competitive international conditions. You will have the opportunity to move between different organisational sectors and locations, where you can extend and share your experience and skills. 

You will contribute directly to economic and social development in countries in need, which will not only give you a fresh outlook on your career but also add fundamental meaning to your work. 

Finally, IFI experience can be an advantage in a subsequent job search in the public or private sector in your native country.


Whether you are based at headquarters or in the field, most operations positions are full-time with frequent travel.

It might not be easy to adapt to lower living standards in developing countries. Though IFIs offer increased security and additional benefits in some countries, living there may come along with certain challenges.

Naturally, most staff members appreciate trips or deployment to the field as they allow them to directly influence and witness change.

Career development

In many IFIs, initial appointments are fixed-term and employees are required to look for a subsequent position if they wish to continue working for the institution. Though this may at first seem daunting, in reality IFIs are quite job-secure and staff turnover is low. A technically broad profile, with good personal competencies and solid performance results increases your chances of a contract extension or internal transfer.

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