Career Speed Meetings at Forum cinfo

16 November, Stade de Suisse, Berne

Are you a Swiss professional with at least 5 years' relevant experience?  Apply for the speed meetings at Forum cinfo with recruiters from six multilateral organisations.

Take your chance and discuss your career opportunities with an HR specialist of UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme , UNFPAUnited Nations Population Fund , UNICEFUnited Nations Children's Fund , the EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development , the GCFGreen Climate Fund or the World Bank's IFCInternational Finance Corporation .


Imagine you have contacted the HR manager of an organisation you would love to work with. They have seen your CV and signalled interest in your profile. And then you bump into them in the elevator when visiting the organisation’s HQ. This is your opportunity: you need to shine by highlighting your relevant experience, background and expectations, without boasting or rehashing clichés. Explain what added value you bring and answer a couple of targeted questions to make a lasting impression without overdoing it. Come prepared!


  • The speed meetings are open to Swiss nationals with at least 5 years of relevant work experience only. The number of places is limited (max. 12 candidates per organisation). The selection will be made by the multilateral organisations.
  • Application is now closed

This is your chance to...

  • present yourself to a recruiter and attract an organisation’s interest in your profile
  • obtain short feedback on your profile through cinfo

Presenting yourself means...

  • share your profile, i.e. the professional experience and skills you have gained so far
  • share what concrete positions you have already applied for or intend to apply to with the organisation
  • share your professional aspirations, interests and availabilities

How to apply

Deadline for application was on 21 October 2018. Application is now closed.

Your CV, including:

Your work experience: 

For each assignment please present:

  • The exact start and end dates (e.g.: 07.2005 – 03.2016)
  • The name of your employer (e.g.: UBS Switzerland)
  • Your functional title
  • Your contractual status (e.g.: staff, consultant, intern)
  • Your duty station (e.g.: Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Your duties and achievements in bullet points: use action verbs as first word for every point; be concrete and specific (e.g. follow the Context - Action - Results (CAR) logic, using numbers and names

Your education

For each degree please present: 

  • Name of Degree
  • Name and location of University 
  • Year you obtained degree (e.g.: 1999: MA in Political Science and Modern History, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Your age or date of birth

A motivation letter, including:

Why you: Why do you think you are a good candidate for the specific organisation/type of job you aspire to? Note: It is not possible to cover everything, i.e. highlight only the experience that is most relevant for the jobs you are interested in (2-3 main things you bring and where you add value).

Why the organisation: Why the organisation/the jobs, i.e.: present your reflections and motivations on why you want to work for the respective organisation, and for what type of job(s).

And answer the pre-screening questions

Take time to prepare and do not forget: 

Multilateral organisations do rather recruit for experience than for potential. Therefore:

  • be as specific and concrete as possible
  • don’t use buzz words – they do not convey anything

Please note: if selected you will need to register (buy a ticket) for Forum cinfo, if you have not done so yet, and be available to come to Berne in the morning of Friday, 16 November 2018.

Stade de Suisse, Berne
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