Are you a Changemaker? Join Fondation Botnar's Talent Programme

Two positions starting in September 2020

Do you feel like change is not happening fast enough? Do you often find yourself brainstorming on how to improve the way social businesses, philanthropic organisations, NGOs, governments and international organisations function? Are you eager to discover how artificial intelligence (AI), social entrepreneurship or innovative financing mechanisms can be used to advance global progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Get to know Fondation Botnar’s Changemakers Talent Programme and apply to the two advertised positions! The Talent Programme lasts for two years with one year with Fondation Botnar in Basel and one year with a partner organisation in the field.

Fondation Botnar is a Swiss foundation established in 2003 with the core purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing secondary cities around the world. To achieve this, Fondation Botnar acts as a catalyst, connecting diverse partners and investing in solutions that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and digital innovation.

Fondation Botnar - The Future Now, For Children Worldwide

"We are committed to harnessing emerging solutions to build a better future for children and young people."

Ready to make a change?

Fondation Botnar is recruiting two changemakers under the age of 35 in 2020.
Click on each job title to receive more information on each position, sought profiles, compensation packages and to apply:

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Entrepreneurship/Innovative Financing Specialist

You will work in close cooperation with the Investment Team. Fondation Botnar is quickly scaling up activities and the exact tasks will be decided based on operational needs and the chosen candidate profile. You will...

  • research on methods of “impact investing” by existing, state-of-the-art investors.
  • work with Impact Investment Managers (Asset Management) and learn about pipeline building, sourcing of deals, due diligence, investment decision making, contracts, portfolio construction, portfolio monitoring, capacity building.
  • work with Implementation Partners on the philanthropic side, which will allow for a stronger exposure to LMICs.
  • contribute to non-financial support/ technical assistance of entrepreneurs and identify the necessary networks.
  • develop a good understanding of the Operationalization of Wellbeing.
  • learn about impact reporting. How does it happen on the individual enterprise level? How to aggregate? How to measure systemic change?
  • report back on regular basis on the learnings.

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Systems Enabler Specialist

You will work in close cooperation with the Chief Learning Officer. Fondation Botnar is quickly scaling up activities and the exact tasks will be decided based on operational needs and the chosen candidate profile. You will...

  • manage the grantee and implementation partner of the Systems Enabler Portfolio.
  • help to further develop the portfolio to develop new grants along the strategy.
  • develop an assessment of capacity needs in regards of social skills along our strategic relational wellbeing approach and run an evaluation across our grantees and programs to determine the specifications for a cross-cutting soft skills coaching platform.
  • develop a concept for the cross-cutting soft-skills coaching platform, based on the needs assessed, see above, pilot and evaluate it with an external implementer.
  • manage with the Strategic Learning Team the Continuous Learning Platform.

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cinfo, the Swiss Centre of Competence for International Cooperation and a partner of Fondation Botnar in the Changemakers Programme, is in charge of the pre-selection of candidates.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application (CV and motivation letter) online by 21 June 2020. Candidates should have a valid work permit for Switzerland or an EU passport.

For any questions related to these positions or the recruitment process, please contact