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Tailor-made training and workshops for your students

Prepare your students for their first experiences in international cooperation and beyond

cinfo supports your institution with workshops aimed at strengthening your students' ability to perform in the field of international cooperation. We develop tailor-made offers such as e-learning courses, blended learning programmes, training programmes and workshops.

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Offers that fit your curriculum

cinfo combines many years of sector knowledge with a broad repertoire of methods and comprehensive content expertise. From this, we develop offers that are tailored to the competencies you want to convey to your students.

"Tailor-made training and workshops" at a glance

Safety and stress

  • Context and risk analysis
  • Personal preparation
  • Stress management

Goals are set with your institution, such as:

  • Students can analyse the risks in their environment and are able to react to them.
  • Students learn and train to minimise safety and health risks.

Strengthening the ability to perform

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration in international teams
  • Dealing with conflict

Goals are set with your institution, e.g.:

  • Students can take responsibility.
  • Students improve their ability to anticipate and manage conflict.

Future career

  • Skills assessment
  • Questions on professional development
  • Work-life balance

Goals are set with your institution, e.g.:

  • Students know their strengths and areas they need to develop.
  • Students develop a vision for their career.
  • Students can plan the next steps for career entry.


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