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Symposium cinfo

Receive subject-centred inspiration and incentive for organisational development

Over the day at cinfo symposiums, everything revolves around organisational development in international cooperation. The symposiums are all about learning, exchanging, and networking: developing new perspectives with professional colleagues and peers and getting inspiration to further develop your organisation, your personnel management and concrete tools.

Professionals working in international cooperation organisations and educational institutions

Get inspiration and incentive about specific topics to further develop your organisation

One of the only symposiums in the field of organisational development

Organisational development is a current and much-discussed topic, but until now there have only been a few symposiums or conferences on the subject. The cinfo symposium is therefore one of the rare opportunities to exchange views on this topic with other professionals from the sector.

Symposium cinfo

Symposium cinfo at a glance

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Bringing new perspectives and input
  • Providing learning opportunities
  • Networking
  • You gain up-to-date specialist knowledge and receive new inspiration and motivation for your professional activities.
  • You make new contacts and expand your network in the sector.

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