Programmi di formazione e formazione continua

Cercate una formazione nell’ambito della cooperazione internazionale? Ecco una panoramica sulle offerte in Svizzera nonché una selezione di cicli di studio che vengono offerti online.

Title Institution Diploma Durata
Bachelor Agronomie mit Vertiefung Internationale Landwirtschaft HAFL, BFH BA/BLaw/BSc 7 semesters
Bachelor Nachhaltige Entwicklung (nur Minor) UNIBE BA/BLaw/BSc 3 years
Bachelor en géographie et environnement UNIGE BA/BLaw/BSc 3 years
CAS Développement durable: horizon 2030 UNIGE CAS 10 months
CAS Environmental Governance and Policy Making Graduate Institute CAS 3 months
CAS Global Supply Chain Management EPFL and UNIL CAS
CAS Management de l'énergie UNIGE CAS
CAS Nachhaltige Entwicklung UNIBE CAS 1 to 3 years
CAS Water Governance: frameworks and negotiations UNIGE CAS 2 weeks
CAS Water and sanitation engineering from emergency towards development UNINE with ICRC Others 1 week
CAS in Water Sanitation and Hygiene for humanitarian and developing contexts SUPSI, Eawag, UNINE CAS 3 theoretical modules (15 half-days) and 1 practical week
DAS en Management durable HEG-Genève DAS
Disaster Risk Reduction MOOC EPFL Cooperation & Development Center Others
Environmental Governance and Policy Making Graduate Institute DAS 7 months
MAS Global Supply Chain Management EPFL and UNIL MAS 12 months
MAS Urbanisme UNIGE and EPFL MAS
MAS in Integrated Crop Management UNINE MAS 9 months
MAS in Sustainable Water Resources ETH Zurich MAS
MSIM in International Management (Responsible Management and Climate Change) Franklin University Switzerland MA/MLaw/MSc 10 months
Master Nachhaltige Entwicklung (nur Minor) UNIBE MA/MLaw/MSc 2 years
Master Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems ETH Zurich MA/MLaw/MSc 2 years
Master Sustainable Development UNIBAS MA/MLaw/MSc
Master in Life Sciences – Agricultural and Forest Sciences HAFL, BFH MA/MLaw/MSc 18 months
Master in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development UNIGE MA/MLaw/MSc
Planetary Health Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies Others 1 week
SDC further training courses SDC Others
The Protection Of Human Rights And The Environment Geneva Academy Others 1 week
UNITAR E-learning Courses UNITAR Others