How to network successfully at Forum cinfo

Networking is more than just useful – it is essential to building a successful career.

Forum cinfo gives you the opportunity to network with representatives from NGOs, international financial institutions, UN organisations, government bodies, foundations, education and training institutions, as well as other visitors – whether they be experienced professionals or people interested in a career in international cooperation.

Follow our tips to ensure your networking at Forum cinfo is a success. 

Know what you want to achieve
  • Do you want specific information that cannot be found online?
  • Would you like to network with other visitors at the event?
  • Do you want to meet organisational representatives?
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Define who you want to talk to
  • Who do you need to talk to to achieve your goals?
  • You can’t talk to everyone – who are the most important people for you?
  • What will you ask them?
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Make a schedule

A one-day event with a packed programme and interesting discussions goes quickly. You can manage your time more effectively if you have clearly identified your goals and interlocutors.  


Don’t interview, network!
  • Ask meaningful questions and try to connect with your counterpart.
  • Listen! Maintaining a conversation requires you to be attentive to what your counterpart is saying – remember, many people like to hear themselves talking!
First impressions count!
  • Be prepared: do your research at home - do not ask people questions you could have looked up online.
  • You are what you wear - dress appropriately for the occasion. 
  • Pay attention to your body language: stand confidently, maintain eye contact, shake hands firmly, keep your phone in your pocket.
  • Be genuine and try to establish a personal connection.
  • There are hundreds of visitors – find subtle ways to stand out from the crowd and people will remember you. 
  • Follow organisations and people on social media, and connect with people you met on LinkedIn – it will keep you updated. Some organisations even publish job opportunities through these channels.
  • Exchange email addresses and get in touch. Do not wait too long – you want to make sure the other person still remembers you.

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