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Future Trends and Competencies for the Swiss International Cooperation Sector

What competencies will be needed in the future of international cooperation (IC)? The sector is dynamic and experiencing changes. The required competencies for practitioners are shifting, and more than subject-specific competencies are needed to work in an increasingly complex world. This study shows how competencies will be essential to respond to the future sector's needs, with a focus on the year 2030 and the Swiss context.

9 Novembre 2022

At a glance

New competencies in a dynamic sector
The international cooperation sector is dynamic and experiencing many changes. New competencies integrating the notions of skills, knowledge and attitudes will be needed. Discover them and how organisations, institutions and individuals can implement them.

This report explores...

  • trends specific to the sector,
  • in light of these trends, which competencies will be needed,
  • how such competencies can be implemented within organisations and institutions and applied by individuals.
Future Trends and Competencies for the Swiss IC Sector

Recommendations for employers and training institutions

Recommendations for young and experienced professionals