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Young professionals, graduates and students

"Making the world a fairer place" – is this a goal you want to pursue professionally? If so, have you ever considered working in international cooperation?

What is international cooperation?

An uncommon sector that is multi-faceted and dynamic – this is how international cooperation and, in particular, the associated Swiss labour market can best be defined.

Is international cooperation something for you?

The Reflection Day provides answers!

By participating in the reflection day, you gain valuable insights into the field of international cooperation. You get an overview of the labour market, types of employers as well as job requirements and career opportunities. You can reflect on your motivation and better assess your chances. We provide information and advice on the next steps.

Which employers are right for you?

From the Swiss government to NGOs, from multilateral organisations to the private sector, there are different types of employers in international cooperation. A comparison between them shows the similarities and differences that can influence work.
Compare the types of employers

Of course, each organisation also has its own particularities. Find out about individual organisations:

Think about the (strategic) level you want to work at, identify the most appropriate employers.
Sandra Witschi
HR Development
Identify your calling and chase it – if you have a drive you cannot ignore, persevere in the training or experience required to get to where you want to go.
Mark Hawkes
HR Marketing Advisor
The more exposure and experience you gain at the beginning of your career, the more it will pay off later: be flexible and open-minded.
Julien Pellaux
Strategic Planning Adviser
UN Women

Examples of entry-level positions

Find examples of various entry-level positions to understand what is typically needed or required by employers:

Examples of job advertisements

Opportunities for young talent

cinfo offers exclusive access to junior programmes for young professionals and graduates interested in a career in international cooperation. We regularly publish vacant positions and guide you on how to apply for these programmes.

Swiss Junior Professional Officer at the UN
Swiss Youth at the UN / World Bank
SDG Youth Programme

Never miss an opportunity again

cinfoPoste is the Swiss portal for jobs in international cooperation. Throughout the year, you will find job offers for professionals at all levels, including graduates and young professionals:

Entry-level positions (less than 1 year' work experience)
Junior professional positions (1 to 3 years' work experience)

Join the cinfoPoste talent pool and turn on the relevant "job agent" to be notified of new positions that match your profile:

Behind the Scenes

Do you have a burning question that you would love to direct to someone currently working in a particular organisation? Or do you simply want to learn more about career options in a particular organisation from someone who works there? Then the online events Behind the Scenes are just what you have been looking for.

Upcoming Behind the Scenes