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Coaching on Important Issues in the Daily Work of International Cooperation

For professionals employed "in the field" or at headquarters.

Do you feel blocked or troubled by something at work, but are unsure of what it is? Do you lack an independent counterpart who can put a difficult situation into perspective? Our coaches are readily available to assist you in such cases.

In the session, you are helped to look at the situation from different perspectives and to discover new possibilities. The coach attentively listens and guides you towards the counselling goal that has been agreed together. Through this process, your assessment of a situation can change – you clarify important questions and define the next steps you want to take.

Coaching professional
Biel-Bienne or online
60 minutes/session
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  • Living and working in fragile contexts
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Healthy work stress
  • Balancing work and family

In a coaching session, we outline new solutions and approaches according to your questions and concrete needs. We elaborate on these based on your own resources, wishes and visions for the future.

Examples of possible situations and questions

Working and living in fragile contexts

Have you experienced a security or critical incident that you would like to discuss?

Leading a team

As a new or an experienced manager, are you confronted with demanding situations or new challenges?

Abroad together

Your partner is accompanying you abroad. Are there important questions they would like to clarify? We are also here for partners.

Maintaining working relationships

Would you like to create stronger, more stable relationships with your team, colleagues or superiors?

You feel misunderstood

Do you sometimes experience a discrepancy between what you want to say and what others (team, staff, supervision) understand? Do you want to develop a genuine, clearer style of communication?

Too much work pressure

Does the to-do list seem endless? Can you no longer switch off after work? Do you feel like you are constantly chasing your tail?

Do you feel underchallenged or underutilised?

Do you feel that your employer does not sufficiently recognise your talents nor use them effectively? Do you sometimes not know what to work on?

A rational assessment is often not enough to lead us onto new paths. In coaching, we combine different perspectives and dimensions, allowing new insights and courses of action to emerge.

Our coaches

You are guided by highly qualified and committed coaches who have many years of experience in the sector. 

Beat Geiser
Beat has coached individuals and groups in career development, career transitions, work... More
Shazia Islamshah
Shazia has coached individuals, as well supported civil society organisations and socia... More
Adrian Marti
Adrian has worked in international cooperation for 30+ years for the ICRC, SDC, UNHCR, ... More
Babette Pfander
Babette has 15+ years of professional experience in international cooperation, includin... More
Gabriela Steinemann
Gabriela has been involved in counselling and supporting people for 15+ years, mainly i... More
Daniel Glinz
Daniel Glinz is a consultant at cinfo. He develops and facilitates continuous training ... More
Heinrich Schneider
Heinrich Schneider is our senior security consultant and a certified trainer. Since 201... More


60-minute session, onsite

Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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60-minute session, online


Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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