Programmi per giovani talenti

Talent programme "Swiss Youth at the United Nations / World Bank"

Are you a Swiss national, under 29 years old and a Master's degree holder? Do you want to gain valuable work experience abroad while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Each year, the Swiss government funds around 30 one-year positions under the United Nations Youth Volunteer (UNYV) talent programme. With a Master's degree in hand and some work experience, you are eligible for this unique international opportunity.

YES, you are a valued team member

You will be an integral part of the UN organisation / World Bank personnel during your assignment.

YES, your chances are very good

As the programme is reserved for Swiss graduates, there is no international competition when applying.

YES, your work is rewarded

To help you get the most out of your assignment, all travel, relocation, life and UN health insurance costs are covered.

This opportunity will allow you to

  • work with a renowned multilateral organisation,
  • receive on-the-job training,
  • increase your knowledge and skills in your field of interest while living in a dynamic and diverse environment,
  • receive support from cinfo (coaching and training),
  • join the ranks of young Swiss professionals in the field of international cooperation.
It is a programme that leaves you transformed, for the better.
Office UN Vittoria Groh
Former UN Youth Volunteer
UN Resident Coordinator Office
I equate my experiences with the essence of the mission of a volunteer: mutual appreciation and learning, action and enthusiasm.
Amanda Eyer UN volunteer
Former UN Youth Volunteer
UN Habitat

Discover the global reach of UN Youth Volunteers

Take a journey through our world map to meet some of the dedicated UN Youth Volunteers. Find out about their organisations, their roles and the diverse locations where they help make a difference:

Interested in working with the United Nations?

Our next application cycle starts in 2024

Seize the opportunity to spend an entire year immersed in the transformative work of the UN.

Interested in working with the World Bank?

Our next application cycle starts in 2024

Grab the chance to dedicate a year to the groundbreaking initiatives of the World Bank.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of work will you do? Will you be working for free? How can you apply? etc. Find the answers to your questions here:
FAQ Swiss Youth at the United Nations
FAQ Swiss Youth at the World Bank

The roles of Switzerland, cinfo, UNV and the host organisation

The Swiss government – the donor

The UN Youth Volunteers positions are funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Peace and Human Rights Division of the Swiss Confederation (PHRD), and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). As a result, these positions are open to Swiss nationals only.

cinfo – the facilitator

cinfo is mandated by the Swiss Confederation to promote the programme, publish all vacancies, process the applications and conduct the recruitment process. cinfo also prepares the selected UN Youth Volunteers candidates for their assignment, and ensures to follow-up during and after the mission.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) – the programme owner

UNV administers the global talent programme. UNV partners with all funding governments (Switzerland in this case) and the host organisations, and deploys the selected UN Youth Volunteers in their countries of assignment.

Host organisation – the employer

The partner organisation is responsible for managing the UN Youth Volunteer who is part of their office team during the assignment.

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