INTERTEAM is an organisation that is supporting children and youth in the following fields and countries:
  • Tanzania: Improved access to Health and Education services for all 
  • Namibia: Quality Education for all 
  • Nicaragua: Improved Food Security 
  • Bolivia: Prevention measures and support of victims for a life without violence
  • Special Programme Colombia: Support of Peace initiatives 

The main activity is rendering qualified support at local partner organisations, unlocking local potential for self-help initiatives. This is achieved through the exchange of knowledge and experience between people with different cultural backgrounds.

Engagement with INTERTEAM

About 55 experienced local and Swiss experts are currently engaged for INTERTEAM.

Wanted – professional profiles

INTERTEAM is looking for qualified skilled experts for multi-year engagements. They should bring along specific knowledge in their fields and equally high social and intercultural competencies. Minimum age for Development Workers is 26 years, need to have a completed professional training or a degree in tertiary education and at least 2 years work experience in the relevant field. 

The following fields offer vacancies on a regular basis: Health, Social Work and Psychology, IT sector, Management, Marketing and Communication, Nutrition and Environment, Education and Prevention from violence

Junior programme and vacancies

INTERTEAM supports students, for a medium term field practice in Africa. The students have to be matriculated to the special course «Development Work and Pedagogics» of the Universities of Zug and Lucerne.
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Portraits of people engaged

Lucerne, Switzerland

Fields of engagement
Development Cooperation, Health, Education, Food Security, Peace building, Victims support and Prevention against Violence

Countries of engagement
Bolivia, Namibia, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Colombia (Special Programme)

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