Swiss JPO programme at International Financial Institutions

Swiss JPO programme at International Financial Institutions

Swiss JPO positions are a unique opportunity and an attractive entry point for a career with International Financial Institutions. And they are reserved for Swiss nationals! Without international competition, the chances of being selected are considerably high.
To facilitate promising career starts of talented young Swiss professionals in multilateral development banks, and promote Switzerland's presence in these institutions, the Swiss Confederation sponsors each year JPOJunior Professional Officer positions.

These JPO positions are sponsored by 

JPO positions are selected by SECOState Secretariat for Economic Affairs , based on the institutional, thematic and geographic priorities of the Swiss Confederation.

During a JPO assignment, you

  • obtain exposure to work in the area of economic cooperation and development,
  • experience on-the-job training,
  • and benefit from networking opportunities that can enable a career start.

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General requirements

To be eligible for a Swiss JPO position, you...

  • demonstrate strong interest in a career in international financial institutions,
  • have Swiss nationality,
  • are maximum 32 years old,
  • hold a Master’s degree in a relevant field,
  • have at least 2-3 years' relevant professional experience,
  • are fluent in written and spoken English,
  • fulfill other requirements specified in the job description.
Contract and duration

JPOs are contracted by the World Bank, IFC or EBRD and report to the respective institution only.

You will be hired on an initial two-year fixed term contract at the 'GE' (WB/IFC) or 'Analyst' (EBRD) level

Although of limited duration, a JPO assignment enables you to embark on a long-term career at an international financial institution. You will be well prepared to compete for mid-level positions and have good chances of becoming part of the institution’s long-term human resource pool. This is demonstrated by the JPO programme at the World Bank: so far, all Swiss JPOs have obtained direct employment upon successful completion of the programme.


As a JPO you receive a generous remuneration package with the same benefits and compensation as other staff members. While the salary at the World Bank and IFC corresponds to a salary at the midpoint for 'GE' level staff, JPO salaries at EBRD vary as they are set by market data and matched to internal levels to ensure parity amongst teams.

The competitive salary is complemented by attractive additional benefits, including:

  • medical insurance for you and your family
  • pension scheme
  • exemption from income tax liability
  • relocation and installation allowance
  • housing assistance
  • education grants for children
  • maternity/paternity leave
  • annual leave
Selection process

cinfo manages the pre-selection of candidates.

  • cinfo first pre-assesses all candidates, conducts competency-based interviews with those shortlisted, and then recommends the most promising to the respective international financial institution.
  • The institution usually conducts a second round of interviews followed by a final selection decision.

The process may take several months.

How to apply

Current Swiss JPOJunior Professional Officer vacancies are advertised on the Swiss JPO portal.

  • Before applying for a position, make sure your experience matches the requirements to a great extent,
  • Prepare your application, including a motivation letter that is tailored to the requirements of the position,
  • Submit the documents in our online recruitment system.

Do you need support? Meet a cinfo coach! He or she will help you improve your application and/or prepare for an interview.

JPO positions enable you to embark on a long-term career at an international financial institution

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