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Why become a member

Network cinfo connects you, as an actor in international cooperation with like-minded organisations.

Network cinfo

Membership is open to organisations that bring the following:

  • Focuses on international cooperation
  • Works with mainly professional and paid personnel
  • An office in Switzerland

Shared values

Willingness for active participation

Interest in exchanging ideas with other members

Willingness to learn

Why become a member

From the exchange of knowledge and experience to commitment to quality, there are many reasons why membership makes sense.

Exchange of knowledge and experience

In Communities of Practice, as a network member, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate on relevant topics and position yourself as a praxis-related interest group.

Topic setting

Together with its members, cinfo works on specific topics, such as fundamental studies, development of tools, workshops or symposiums.
Studies and statistics
Duty of care self-assessment tool
Symposium cinfo

Symposium cinfo


As a member, cinfo supports you in your positioning as an employer through various services and appearances at universities and career events. As a competence centre, cinfo generates high visibility to the relevant audience (experienced professionals in international cooperation, career changers, graduates and students).

Commitment to quality

By becoming a member, you demonstrate your commitment to quality, development and shared learning in the sector.



As a network member, you will receive numerous discounts for your organisation and personnel on cinfo services such as workshops and training sessions, publication of job vacancies (cinfoPoste), forums, symposiums, etc.
Workshops and training 
cinfoPoste job portal


Services for members

Community platform

Your employees receive access to a community platform that ensures the exchange of knowledge and experience with other professionals through events and moderated field-related communities.

Short consultations

As a cinfo member organisation, you benefit from four hours of solution-oriented short counselling sessions per year on urgent questions from everyday institutional life. Tailored to your organisation and interests, we support you in particular areas of current concern.

cinfo brings a valuable additional service. It is close to the institutions and aware of where their priorities lie; as a result, it can develop the fundamentals, which is enormously beneficial to us.
Anne Bickel
Director People & Learning


Annual membership fee:

  • Regular fee: CHF 2000 excl. VAT.
  • Reduced membership fee: CHF 1000 excl. VAT

The reduced fee applies to organisations and institutions with a balance sheet of less than CHF 1 million and fewer than five permanent employees.

Interested in membership?

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