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cinfo’s overview of actors is a comprehensive portfolio of organisations active in international cooperation. It allows you to introduce and position your organisation and, if you wish, your employer brand to a range of talent – free of charge.

Do you want to better position your organisation in the field of international cooperation or as an attractive employer? Today’s talent are increasingly looking for a ‘meaningful’ job to match their interesting profiles. However, international cooperation organisations are often better known for their fundraising activities than their employment opportunities. cinfo helps to raise the profile of your organisation and make it stand out more.

Employers in international cooperation

What are your motivations?

Do you want to position your organisation better in field of international cooperation?

Hold your own as a relevant actor or an attractive employer alongside leading organisations in the field of international cooperation.

Do you want to present your organisation and its work authentically?

Show the real face of your organisation – let your employees speak for themselves and reveal what is behind your work.

Do you want to highlight what is special about your organisation?

Your organisational culture is one of your most valuable resources. Communicate and highlight your special features in an engaging way.

By adding your organisation's profile to our overview of actors free of charge, you will reach a broad audience – both young talent and experienced professionals in international cooperation as well as potential career changers.
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Terms and conditions

cinfo attaches great importance to the fact that the organisations listed on the portal fulfil at least two of the following conditions:

  • active in international cooperation (e.g. humanitarian aid, development cooperation, peace promotion and human rights),
  • present in the Swiss labour market, and in certain cases the international labour market (e.g. multilateral organisations),
  • regularly employs staff or operates according to the Personnel Development Cooperation (PEZA) model.

Create your profile in a few steps

1. Get in touch

Contact us, briefly introduce your organisation and request access to the portal as a ‘publisher’.

2. Receive 'publisher' access

You will receive ‘publisher’ access within a few days if your organisation meets the criteria.

3. Answer the questions

This access allows you to create your organisation’s profile by answering specific questions, as well as to update it regularly. 

  • Do you need support? We can help you with the wording.
  • Your profile can be in English, German, French and / or Italian.

4. Your profile is (almost) ready for publication

  • Before your profile goes live, we do a quick check to make sure everything is in order.
  • As an information centre, we can enhance your profile with content produced in-house (e.g. with a portrait of a professional in your organisation).

Tips for creating your profile

  • Separate yourself from your fundraising message. This is about positioning your organisation as an actor in international cooperation or an employer, not a fundraiser.
  • Avoid copy/paste. Present your organisation in a unique way that is different from the content on your website.
  • Focus on authenticity and transparency. It is counterproductive to exaggerate the positive aspects of your organisation.
  • Let your staff contribute. Ask them for feedback on your draft profile, include testimonials and portraits of employees.
  • Write for the online audience: short, direct and concise sentences with correct grammar and spelling.

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