Swisscontact is an independent foundation, which operates exclusively in international development cooperation. Swisscontact’s work focuses on inclusive growth, driven by an innovative private sector that creates employment and income. In this way, Swisscontact creates the conditions for a socially and ecologically responsible private sector, contributing to poverty reduction.

Working for Swisscontact

Swisscontact has about 1200 employees in 35 countries.

Sought profiles

Project managers and consultants at our project offices abroad, as well as profiles in the fields of acquisition, fundraising, communication, administration, HR, IT and accounting at our headquarters in Zürich.


  • Number of years of professional experience in accordance with the TORs
  • Educational degree in accordance with the TORs
  • Good computer-literacy (application of MS Office, and if required accounting, data bank or presentational software)
  • English and additional language skills if required

Furthermore, Swisscontact places a lot of emphasis on the social and professional competencies of teamwork, communication skills and flexibility to work in multiple working groups.

Opportunities for students and junior professionals

  • Swisscontact offers young professionals with a bachelor degree (mainly in the fields of economics, business and administration, vocational training, and environmental science) entry opportunities in international cooperation in projects in the field or at their headquarters.
  • Swisscontact operates its own youth programme (Junior Professionals). Entry requirements are a master’s degree in addition to two years of professional experience in the field of international cooperation.
  • In addition, Swisscontact supports various youth development programmes (eg. the postgraduate programme on developing countries at NADEL – the Center for Development and Cooperation at the ETH, or internship opportunities of the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL in Zollikofen).

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Zurich, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Private sector development in the core areas of Skills Development, Enterprise Promotion, Inclusive Finance, Climate-Smart Economy

Countries of operations
35 countries

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