Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank, established in 1959, seeks to eliminate poverty and inequality and promote sustainable economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDBInter-American Development Bank provides financing, technical assistance and knowledge services to governments, private sector companies, and civil society organisations to support development interventions and projects in 5 priority sectors:

  • social policy for equity and productivity
  • infrastructure for competitiveness and social welfare
  • institutions for growth and social welfare
  • competitive regional and global international integration
  • protection of the environment, response to climate change, promotion of renewable energy and ensuring food security

The IDB Group has three pillars focusing on the public and private sectors:

Switzerland and the IDBInter-American Development Bank

Switzerland became a borrowing member state of IDB in 1976 and has contributed to IDB's development and financing since. 
Read more about Switzerland's cooperation with the IDB

Only a handful of Swiss nationals work at IDB. For this reason, the Swiss Government has an interest in attracting more Swiss nationals to work for the WBGWorld Bank Group .
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Career opportunities

IDB seeks professionals with backgrounds in a wide range of areas, including:

  • infrastructure
  • institutional reforms
  • environmental and social affairs
  • integration and trade
  • economics and finance
  • legal affairs
  • human resources and procurement

For experienced professionals

Professionals with experience in a field relevant to IDB’s work are regularly sought for mid-career to senior-level positions or consultancies.

IDB's consultancy scheme is particularly attractive in terms of work conditions (see table). Consultants make up of around half of IDB's personnel and form the bank’s first talent pipeline for staff positions.

For young professionals

The following programmes are an excellent way for young professionals or students to gain first-hand knowledge of IDB's work or build a network for future aspirations:

Application and selection process

Find IDB vacancies on our job portal cinfoPoste. Create a profile and set up your job agents (customised email alerts) to be notified of the latest job openings.

The recruitment process can take around three months from the application until the interview. At some point in the process you may be required to take an online assessment.

Should you be rejected for a position, do not be discouraged; continue checking for vacancies and applying for positions that you feel qualified for.

Employment conditions

IDB offers attractive remuneration and employment conditions.

Around 2,000 staff operate from headquarters in Washington, DC, two regional offices in Spain and Japan, and 26 offices in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two thirds of IDB employees work at headquarters, and one third in the field.

Career development

In IDB, career advancement occurs through performance-based promotion, length of time in a position, business needs, or competition for open vacancies.

Although initial contracts are of limited duration, staff turnover is under 5%, meaning that most employees are able to remain at IDB after their contracts end.

After an inter-departmental committee screening process, fixed-term contracts can be converted to open-ended contracts.
Possible career paths at IDB

WB/IDB Webinar

Hear about the experiences of Swiss senior-level employees and get useful tips from human resources managers of the IDB and WB from this Webinar.

Are you Swiss?

cinfo offers additional information and services exclusively for Swiss nationals.

Why work for IDB

IDB staff explain why they are passionate about their job.

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