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What is cinfoPoste?

cinfoposte is the Swiss portal for jobs in international cooperation, both in Switzerland and abroad. By posting your vacancies on the platform, you will not only reach the 20,000 candidates in our talent pool who are specifically interested in international cooperation, but you will also gain visibility to a wider audience, as your ad will appear on search engines, other job portals and be accessible to a global online community.

Why use cinfoPoste for your talent search?

Start the recruitment process and access relevant candidates via the cinfoPoste Talent Pool

More than 20,000 specialised profiles are waiting for you.  

Find relevant candidates for hard-to-fill positions thanks to the diversity of profiles in our Talent Pool

Candidates' backgrounds cover 22 areas of international cooperation, including agriculture, communications, economics, external relations, migration and supply chain management.

Find candidates through our active sourcing activities or in combination with other cinfo recruitment services

Let us conduct a talent pool search for you or outsource your recruitment process by entrusting our experienced HR team. Learn more

Increase your visibility as an employer of choice in the field of international cooperation

Publish your vacancies as more than 180 international organisations already do.

How to get onboard

Create an employer profile

Choose the right pricing plan for you

We offer different packages to suit your specific needs. Browse through the available packages and choose the one that suits you best.

Start posting jobs

Optional: Manage applications directly from your cinfoPoste profile

You will find some useful tools to organise the applications you receive and to interact with the candidates.

cinfoPoste offers a great opportunity to make announcements visible in all different parts of Switzerland. It is well known among people already working in international development, at the same time also a very helpful platform for those who like to make a step into our sector.
| Swiss development organisation
cinfoPoste is the ideal job platform in Switzerland to reach potential staff for positions at our HQ as well as abroad.
Having the UNV assignments advertised through the cinfoPoste represents for us a good opportunity, as in many instances we are able to attract multilingual talents who are ready to take up UN Volunteer assignments at short notice. Thank you cinfo!
UN Volunteers
UN Volunteers

Pricing for your job adverts

1 single advertisement

150 CHF (including VAT)

  • 1 unique job slot
  • Job ad can be displayed up to 30 days
  • Valid for 2 years

6 for 5 – get 1 free job ad

750 CHF (including VAT)

  • 6 job slots, save 20%
  • Job ads can be displayed up to 60 days
  • Valid for 2 years

20 for 10 – get 10 free job ads

1'500 CHF (including VAT)

  • 20 job slots, save 50%
  • Job ads can be displayed up to 60 days
  • Valid for 2 years

30 job ads (for members of Network cinfo only)

1'500 CHF (including VAT)

  • 30 job slots
  • Job ads can be displayed up to 60 days
  • 1 highlight free and social media posts
  • Valid for 2 years

50 job ads (for members of Network cinfo only)

2'000 CHF (including VAT)

  • 50 job slots
  • Job ads can be displayed up to 60 days
  • 2 highlights free and social media posts
  • Valid for 2 years

100 job ads (for members of Network cinfo only)

3'000 CHF (including VAT)

  • 100 job slots
  • Job ads can be displayed up to 60 days
  • 5 highlights free and social media posts
  • Valid for 2 years

1 Highlight

100 CHF (including VAT)

  • Have your job ad appear on the cinfoPoste homepage and at the top of the search list.
  • Have your ad promoted on cinfo's social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

Entry level positions

Free of charge
Conditions: less than one year's experience required and no management responsibilities.

Contact us with the vacancy as an attachment and we will let you know if it is eligible for free publication.

Active Sourcing

Would you like to find out how our recruitment consultants can further source talent for you through direct contact with talent pool members? Get in touch with us.
Note: You pay as much as you value the service. For members of Network cinfo, 4 hours of cinfo services are included in the membership package. Learn more

How to use cinfoposte

We have developed these guidelines to help you navigate through cinfoPoste 3.0 and make sure you get the most out of all the new features.

If you have any further questions about cinfoPoste, please consult the FAQs or contact us at

We will do our best to ensure that our portal offers you the most useful service.

Frequently asked questions

Audience on cinfoPoste

Which organisations use cinfoPoste?

cinfoPoste is the only Swiss job portal for development cooperation, humanitarian aid and peace promotion. More than 180 international organisations working in these fields advertise their vacancies on the job board. We publish vacancies from foundations, government agencies, the private sector, NGOs, multilateral organisations as well as training and research institutes.

Who looks for jobs on cinfoPoste?

Organisations can reach a wide audience, from junior to senior professionals, from entry and mid-level to management, with various backgrounds relevant to the field of international cooperation. In total, our talent pool includes more than 20,000 people and there are more than 9000 unique visitors to cinfoPoste every month.

Registration/Account management

Why should I upload my organisation's logo and enter a "company description"?

A dedicated web page is created for each organisation that creates a profile on cinfoPoste. A comprehensive profile increases your visibility as an employer of choice for potential candidates. The web page will automatically list all your vacancies.  

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

There is a "Forgot your password?" button at the bottom of the login page. Click it and enter the email address associated with your account. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.  

How do I delete my account?

This must be done by cinfo. If you wish to delete your account and data, please contact us at

Subscriptions and pricing

How long will my subscription last?

Subscriptions are valid for two years from the date of purchase. 

Members of Network cinfo receive discounts on their subscriptions. How do I become a member?

cinfo carefully selects its network members. If you are interested in joining, you can find more information here.

My organisation is not based in Switzerland. Do I have to pay Swiss VAT?

Organisations not based in Switzerland do not pay Swiss VAT. The system automatically recognises your location based on your contact details and whether you are required to pay Swiss VAT. 

What happens if I use a different cinfoPoste account than my colleague(s) in the same organisation?

Different email addresses mean different login details and therefore different accounts. Subscriptions cannot be shared between two accounts. Job ads must be purchased separately for each account.

Posting a job advertisement

How long does it take for a vacancy to be published on cinfoPoste?

The vacancy is checked and validated by cinfo within one working day.

How do I edit a job ad once it has been posted?

You can search for your job ad in the "Online Ads" tab. You will see an "Edit" button at the bottom right of the job ad. Once you have made your changes, make sure you click on the "+ Edit" button. The advertisement will be validated again by cinfo and the new version will then be published.

How long does my job ad stay online on cinfoPoste?

When you create your ad, you can choose between a 30-day and a 60-day option. Both require a job slot. Under "more parameters" you can set a specific expiry date. The ad will automatically expire either on the date you specify or after 30/60 days. 

How can I extend the duration of my job ad?

If you initially chose the 30-day option and now want to extend it to 60 days, you can send a request to cinfo at

Once the advertisement has expired, you will need to re-advertise it via the "job ads archive", which will require a new job slot. 

How can I set up a deadline for a job ad?

When you create a new job ad, you can click on "More parameters" under the job description and choose an expiry date that will be visible to candidates. If you do not set a specific date, the ad will automatically expire after 30/60 days. 

How many times can I renew my job ad?

If you chose the 30-day option at the start, you can extend it once for a further 30 days free of charge.

What is a highlighted job ad?

Highlighted job ads are premium job advertisements that are published on the cinfoPoste homepage, placed at the top of the list of job ads and promoted on social media, thus being more visible than other job advertisements. Highlighting a job advertisement costs an extra CHF 100, for which you will receive a separate invoice. One, three or five highlighted job ads are included free of charge in each member organisation's package solution.

How can I republish a job ad?

You can re-publish a job that has not yet expired using the "Post it again" option. The job will remain online until the end of the 30 or 60 day period (if no other expiry date has been set). The posting date visible on the ad will be changed to the date of republishing.

You can republish and adapt a job posting that has not yet expired using the "Edit" option; the job posting must first be re-approved by cinfo and will then be posted online.

If you edit or repost a job before it expires, no job slots will be deducted.

Once the advertisement has expired (30/60 days), you will need to re-advertise it via the "Job ads archive", which will require a new job slot. You will also have the option to "Post it again" if you do not want to change the ad or to "edit" it before reposting.

How do I redirect candidates to my organisation's job board or to a specific website?

When you create a job, you have the option to redirect your job postings. You must enter the full URL in the "Redirect applications to" field. Please note that if you do not use the redirect option, candidates will appear directly in the cinfoPoste database.

How do I add an attachment to my job ad?

When you create a new job ad, you can click on "More parameters" under the job description and upload your file using the "Upload attachment" button. 

What is the difference between "Working region" and "Macro-area"?

"Working regions" refer to Swiss cantons or departments abroad. "Macro-areas" are world regions.

My vacancy does not have a specific location or is based in several locations. Which field should I choose?

You can select "Multiple" in the "Macro-area" category to let candidates know that the job is located in more than one location.

Why are there options to select the gender or the age of candidates in the "Candidate's goal" section?

If you decide to use cinfoPoste for your recruitment process, these fields will help you to target your ideal candidates. All applications will be visible, but those at the top of the candidate list will reflect your preferences. These fields are not intended to be used for discriminatory purposes and are not mandatory.

Recruitment and additional services

How can I access the cinfoPoste talent pool?

cinfo does not share data and information on candidates and therefore does not provide direct access to its talent pool. However, you can contact us at for more information about our active sourcing and recruitment support services.

How do I use video interviews?

You can purchase video interviews from your dashboard by clicking on the "Buy" button. They are listed at the bottom under "Our products". When you use this cinfoPoste recruitment tool, you can select a candidate and send her/him a request for a video interview. You must specify your questions and the time you want the candidate to answer them.

How do I use language tests?

You can purchase language tests from your dashboard by clicking on "Buy". They are listed at the bottom under "Our products". When you use this cinfoPoste recruitment tool, you can select a candidate and send her/him a request to take a language test in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

My organisation does not have a recruitment tool. Can I use cinfoPoste to recruit candidates?

If you do not redirect applications to your own job portal, you can see which candidates have applied for your vacancies in your personal area and manage them by clicking on "View candidates".

Why have I seen my job posting on another job portal?

Job ads are automatically multi-posted to several free job boards. Potential candidates are redirected to your job ad on cinfoPoste.

Due to the high visibility of cinfoPoste, job advertisements can also be picked up by paid job boards. Potential candidates will be redirected to your job ad on cinfoPoste.

Thanks to cinfoPoste, we can address applicants interested in the sector and thus optimise the reach of our job ads. The aim is to attract up-and-coming talents and proven experts whose hearts beat for international cooperation just as much as ours.
| Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
cinfoPoste is THE partner for us in the search for experts in development cooperation – reliable, effortless and competent... and this at fair financial conditions!
| Personnel development cooperation
We have been using cinfoPoste to post all of our vacancies for years. For us, it offers a great opportunity to reach professionals from the field of international cooperation. We like the user friendliness of the platform and that it allows us to reach our specific target audience.
| Practice-oriented peace research institute

cinfoPoste 3.0 – Maximum chance of success for minimum effort

With cinfoPoste 3.0, the Swiss job market in international cooperation takes a step forward. Focus on the talent pool, the core of the new platform.

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