The Interest of Young Professionals for a Career in International Cooperation

What motivates young talent to work in international cooperation? Are they considering a career abroad? Do their competencies meet the needs of employers? And what barriers hinder their aspirations to work in the sector? This report, based on a study undertaken in 2020 by cinfo in collaboration with BFH-HAFL, answers such questions.

1 mars 2021

At a glance

The interest of young people in a career in international cooperation is essential to ensuring the sector’s professional regeneration, an issue of great relevance to both cinfo and employers in this field.

cinfo, the Swiss Centre of Competence for Careers in International Cooperation, is tasked with informing and guiding individuals interested in a career in this sector. We also manage recruitment for junior professional programmes, for example with UN organisations and multilateral development banks.

The issue is multi-faceted. What attracts young people to the sector? Are they interested in working abroad, and under what conditions? Are their skills sufficient and what are the potential disincentives to a career in this field? The following report presents the main findings and recommendations.

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