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Where Swiss working in multilateral organisations get support and meet to network

Are you a Swiss national working for a multilateral organisation, seeking to advance your career and connect with peers and the Swiss Confederation? cinfo offers a unique space for addressing your needs, networking and getting career and application support.

Swiss UN professionals networking

Our services

Explore career and personal development prospects, get support for promotions and job applications and connect with other Swiss nationals in multilateral organisations, as well as with the Swiss Confederation.  


Do you want to connect with other Swiss professionals at the UN and in development banks, and with Swiss government representatives who work on multilateral affairs?

  • Register to join the Community of Swiss in Multilateral Organisations where you have access to the Swiss in Multilateral Organisations List and reach out to peers in the UN and IFI system. Email us a request  at with your first name, last name, organisation, position, and professional email address to join the community. 
  • By registering, you will make yourself available to your Swiss peers and the Swiss Confederation, can reach out to your Swiss colleagues, receive the latest information through our monthly newsletter and get notified about on-site or virtual get-togethers.  Email us a request  at with your first name, last name, organisation, position, and professional email address to join the community.  

  • Have you changed job or duty station? Please register again with your new information and we will delete your old entry within a few days.

  • Join our online LinkedIn group Swiss with Multilaterals where you can learn about each other and get in touch at any time. 


  • Join cinfo’s online events throughout the year or physical events organised during our annual missions to Geneva, New York and Rome.  
  • Meet with our HR partners in our "Behind the Scenes" event series. Some events are webinars, others take place in Switzerland or in the countries where the multilateral organisations are based.
  • And do not miss the Forum cinfo, the Swiss event on work and careers in international cooperation.
  • Would you like to discuss a specific topic or have a speaker in mind (from the UN System or Development Banks or Swiss Confederation) and would like us to organize an event with the Swiss in multilateral organisations community (or a sub-group of it)?  Get in touch and share your ideas with us. 

Make your profile available to cinfo & the Swiss government 

  • On behalf of SDC and SECO, we regularly source Swiss talent for specific positions in our 19 multilateral partner organisations at mid to senior levels.  
  • Get on our radar and join our talent pool by uploading your CV in just a few clicks.

  • Receive automated notifications of job vacancies in our 19 priority multilateral organisations and other employers in international cooperation that match your profile. 

Get application and promotion support

  • Improve your application documents to stand out from the competition: register for cinfo Job Application Support

  • Inform us about your upcoming interview: Upload a copy of the job vacancy and your application in your cinfoPoste Talent Pool profile and contact We inform our partners from the respective organisation and the Swiss Government. 

  • Prepare for an upcoming interview: Our coaches are here to help you prepare and practice (mock interview). If you interview with one of cinfo's 19 focus organisations, we can offer interview preparation for free. Contact for support.  

  • If you interview with any other than the 19 priority multilateral organisation, share a copy (PDF) of your application and the vacancy with the relevant desk at the Swiss Confederation. If you do not know the desk, you can send the documents to the Candidatures Section of the FDFA ( They will forward your e-mail to the relevant desk.

Individual coaching

  • Our career advisors are available to support you at all stages of your professional life in international cooperation. 

  • We address your individual situation, questions, and needs, taking into account both your professional and private life. 

  • Our coaches are available to help you take decisions and/or overcome any obstacles or challenges you face in your work. 
    More information and booking 

Social Security

  • Some considerations on social security provides you with information and advice regarding the social security of Swiss in multilateral organisations.   

  • Each situation is different however and you may want to discuss your individual situation directly with the expert Soliswiss.

Why go through cinfo

As a member state of the UN and a stakeholder in development banks, the Swiss Confederation is striving to increase the presence of Swiss professionals in various multilateral organisations. cinfo, the Swiss centre of excellence for careers in international cooperation, has been mandated by the SDC and SECO to support the recruitment, retention and career development of Swiss nationals in 19 focus multilateral organisations

In addition to mobilising external Swiss talent who want to join multilateral organisations, our HR Advisors are committed to support the retention of Swissprofessionals who are already working for the multilateral system. Through cinfo, you become part of an extensive network of professionals and experts, and can harness this potential at any time. 

Swiss people working for the UN are so fortunate to have the opportunity of cinfo supporting them at different moments of their career – in my case three times so far – to work with UNDP in Madagascar, with OCHA in Switzerland and UNICEF in Nigeria.
Emergency Manager
UNICEF Nigeria
If I need information on UN recruitment policies and programmes, I can always get in touch with cinfo. I also know they would support me for competency based interviews at any time.

But most importantly, cinfo represents a neutral agency for me to discuss career considerations. I wouldn't know what other Swiss institution could provide me with that kind of support.
Patricia Barandun
Deputy Representative
UN Women India

Candidate support

How can you make your application documents stand out?

In cinfo’s job application support, our coaches review your application from a recruiter’s perspective, and provide advice on how to improve your CV, P11 or other online form and motivation letter.

Job Application Support

How can you get your application and situation flagged?

When you have applied to one of cinfo’s focus multilateral organisations, let us know by sending a copy of your application and the job description to To support your visibility, we flag applications that meet the criteria listed in the job description to our partners in the federal administration and the employer’s HR department. 

Application Flagging

If you are currently working for one of our focus multilateral organisations, we support your career development and retention. Let us know about your situation and we can discuss your perspectives with your HR department.

Get in touch

Invited to an interview or assessment centre? cinfo can help you prepare.

Register for an interview or assessment centre preparation with one of our coaches. You will rehearse, receive feedback and get useful information for your upcoming interview.

Interview / Assessment Centre Preparation

If you interview with one of our focus multilateral organisations, we offer this service free of charge.

Free Interview / Assessment Centre Preparation

Career guidance

Are you at a crossroads, needing to make a quick decision or facing personal challenges related to your career?

Address your individual situation, your questions and needs at a career session with one of our coaches. Examples of topics:

  • Decision making regarding job offers, relocation or repatriation, dual careers, etc.
  • Your skills and potential
  • Your career goals and strategies for achieving them

Career Advice

How can you keep up to date with the latest job opportunities in multilateral organisations?

Create your profile on the cinfoPoste job portal. You will be added to our talent pool and receive notifications of new opportunities. Many vacancies in our focus multilateral organisations are advertised on cinfoPoste. For certain jobs, where we actively source suitable candidates, you may be contacted directly by our recruiters.

Join the Talent Pool

Our 12 focus UN organisations

cinfo provides specific support for applications to the following UN organisations:

UN Women
WHO (coming soon)

Our 8 focus development banks

cinfo provides specific support for applications to the following international financial institutions:

World Bank

Any questions?

Report from Swiss staff on how to strengthen Swiss presence in the UN

Swiss UN staff compiled this report in 2016 providing recommendations regarding possible areas of improvement. If you are a Swiss national working at the UN and wish to get a copy, get in touch.
Ask for a copy