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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for the transformation of existing solutions and operational models to address today’s growing humanitarian...

Do you want to make a difference and take responsibility for the world of tomorrow? Study at ETH Zurich and gain professional experience in the field?...

Are you looking for a career in the United Nations (UN) or international financial institutions (IFIs)?

At the moment we have the following Junior...


In primo piano

Open JPO position

Are you looking for a career in multilateral organisations?

0 open positions at the moment

Swiss young professionals with 3 years’ experience and interested in a career with multilateral organisations are invited to apply.

Open to Swiss nationals only, the application procedure is less competitive than for other positions at multilateral organisations. Seize the opportunity!

Formazione e formazione continua

Cercate una formazione nell’ambito della cooperazione internazionale? Ecco una panoramica sulle offerte in Svizzera nonché una selezione di cicli di studio che vengono offerti online.

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