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Improve your safety and security processes

With the increase in fragile contexts, providing safety for staff abroad is crucial for organisations active in international cooperation. Yet many organisations are not fully aware of their legal and moral obligations in this regard.

The Duty of Care maturity model helps Swiss NGOs to understand and improve their safety and security risk management processes.

Duty of Care

The maturity model

  • shows key Duty of Care processes
  • measures maturity across five levels
  • serves as a learning tool for Swiss NGOs
  • does not set Duty of Care standards

Duty of Care

Employers are obliged to take all necessary and feasible measures to safeguard the health, safety and integrity of their employees.
Using the Duty of Care Maturity Model Matrix, organisations can assess their maturity for each of the four duties across five steps, from an initial, ad hoc approach to an optimised level where there is an organisational culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Self-assessment online tool

Evaluate your organisation's maturity in regards to safety and security, and improve your Duty of Care towards staff working outside of headquarters:

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Need to explain the maturity model to an outsider? This poster might help:
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Duty of care


The Duty of Care Maturity Model Matrix and the Duty of Care self assessment tool were developed by the Swiss Security Network in collaboration with the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) and cinfo in 2019.

They are based on a study that included literature research, an online survey and key informant interviews with 26 security focal points from major European and American NGOs. The study collected good practice examples and identified key processes that support meeting each of the four duties.