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Cutting-edge storytelling that does justice to everyone: A fair picture is fair to all those involved in its production, distribution, and consumption.

Videos and photos are more than just representations. They bring to our attention people, places, and realities that we would otherwise be unaware of. Our goal is that pictures contribute to equal relationships between visual creators, portrayed people, clients, and the general public.

Focusing on the following sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Responsible Consumption and Production

How we work

The visual creators at Fairpicture have a strong voice and are engaging and lively. They narrate stories in the native tongue that are influenced by the culture and understanding of the community. In a complex world, we co-create new and innovative ways of storytelling - toward a decolonised and fair picture.

... and why

The people portrayed are right-holders with legitimate demands. They participate actively in visual communication and provide informed consent for the development and usage of pictures and videos. It is their right to be depicted with dignity and respect and not have their safety compromised by visual content.

Career opportunities

Seeking candidates mainly in

Droits humains, droit et gouvernance
Sécurité et sûreté
Développement social

Opportunities offered

Internships for students no
Traineeships/Talent programs for graduates no
Positions/programs for young professionals no
Staff positions for professionals no
Senior or management positions no
Consultancy opportunities no
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Type of organisation


Field(s) of activity

Coopération au développement


Bern, Switzerland

Region(s) of operation

Europe de l'Est et Asie centrale
Amérique latine et Caraïbes
Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord
Asie du Sud/Est et Pacifique
Europe occidentale et centrale

Number of employees

In Switzerland:
Entre 20 et 50

Outside Switzerland:
Entre 20 et 50

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