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IMPACT Initiatives

To act as a catalyst for change of aid practices and policies in order to sustainably impact individuals and their communities.

IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva-based think-and-do tank which aims to improve the impact of humanitarian, stabilisation and development action through data, partnerships and capacity building programmes.

Focusing on the following sustainable development goals (SDGs)

No Poverty

How we work

The work of IMPACT is done through its three initiatives: REACH, AGORA and PANDA.

With over 400 staff members, including assessment, data analysis, GIS experts and field professionals, IMPACT teams are present in over 20 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. IMPACT is a sister organisation of ACTED, a non-governmental organisation with headquarters in Paris.

... and why

IMPACT conducts humanitarian assessments and monitoring and evaluation activities, produces information management solutions and facilitates organisational capacity building programmes that support aid stakeholders to plan and respond to crises.

IMPACT’s work is conducted through its three initiatives and implemented by a dedicated team of over 150 international professionals in over 20 countries.

Career opportunities

Seeking candidates mainly in

Diritti umani, diritto e governance

IMPACT’s teams work in more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Work in the field is supported by the work done at IMPACT’s headquarters in Geneva, the heart of humanitarian decision-making.

Aside from ongoing projects, IMPACT deploys its staff to rapid-onset crises and disasters, supporting evidence-based and inclusive aid planning from the very beginning of emergencies to post-crisis environments.

Opportunities offered

Internships for students yes
Traineeships/Talent programs for graduates no
Positions/programs for young professionals yes
Staff positions for professionals yes
Senior or management positions yes
Consultancy opportunities no


IMPACT Code of Conduct is core to the organisation, its team, operations and management. The Code of Conduct provides clear guidance on the standards of behaviour and conduct all staff are required to abide by. Those standards are as follows:

  1. I will respect others
  2. I will maintain high standards of conduct, both personal and professional
  3. I will commit to protect IMPACT’s beneficiaries
  4. I will ensure to be attentive to the safety & security of myself & others
  5. I will protect IMPACT’s resources and assets
  6. I will protect the confidentiality of IMPACT’s information and data
  7. I will report any incident or concern relating to this Code

This Code of Conduct is binding on all IMPACT staff, including IMPACT employees, volunteers, interns and freelance consultants, both international and national, whether they are based in IMPACT headquarters or in the field, who have to sign the Code, as well as fully understand its content, adhere to all of its provisions, inform and report, while creating a working environment conducive to upholding the standards in the Code of Conduct.

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Type of organisation


Field(s) of activity

Cooperazione allo sviluppo


Geneva, Switzerland

Region(s) of operation

Europa dell'Est e Asia centrale
America latina e Caraibi
Medio Oriente e Africa del Nord
Sud-est asiatico e Pacifico
Africa subsahariana

Number of employees

In Switzerland:
Tra 20 e 50

Outside Switzerland:
Tra 20 e 50

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