Job and Top Sharing in International Cooperation

International cooperation organisations as well as job seekers are taking an increasing interest in flexible working models. One of these is job sharing, which brings a multitude of benefits for both employers and employees. This guide offers concrete guidelines and tools for setting up a job sharing position.

19 Ottobre 2022

At a glance

Today's labour market, characterised by a shortage of labour, is driving organisations to offer more flexible working conditions. The job sharing model is particularly promising, as it allows for a better capture of employees' potential while ensuring a good work-life balance.

The international cooperation sector is not left out of this phenomenon, and even presents particularly favorable conditions for the introduction of job sharing.

This guide provides valuable information for HR staff, line managers and employees interested in job and top sharing. It presents the advantages, risks, contractual issues and practical details for applying jointly for a job or hiring a duo and highlights the importance of a win-win situation. Best practice examples from the international cooperation sector are presented throughout the guide.

Lisa Lang and Tony Zuber, FDFA