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Immersion Day 2019

Shaping the organisation of the future

cinfo's Immersion Day took place on 28 November 2019 in Bienne, Switzerland. The event brought together more than 60 participants – project managers, HR managers, innovation enablers, as well as knowlegde management and digital transformation specialists. These people come from organisations that take action for the Sustainable Development Goals internationally.

Digital transformation has and will have a profound impact on the mindset, skills and framework conditions of those working in the sector. This is why cinfo is making it a thematic priority.

Nina Prochazka, Project Lead Immersion Days

Immersion Day 2019

Topics covered

During the day, organised in collaboration with Superloop Innovation, participants delved into such topics:

  • digital transformation – why it matters
  • steps in organisational transformation
  • environments conducive to learning and innovation
  • the ABC of experimentation and agile working
  • leadership buy-in and employee engagement 

In the morning, professionals and experts shared inspiring stories with participants, allowing them to explore, in small groups, practices of the future. The latter also got an insight into contextual know-how and good practice models. In the afternoon, participants gave their imagination free reign: they shaped the organisation of tomorrow and, this is essential, designed their own takeways consisting of concrete actions that they could implement in the office from the day after.