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What are the complementary and competing educational opportunities in the field of international cooperation? What does the professional future hold for your students? cinfo regularly conducts studies on career and work-related issues in the sector and publishes a labour market report every two years. On request, we can present the results in the form of a lecture or workshop.

Educational institutions related to international cooperation

  • Obtain information and results from current surveys on the labour market and the professional field
  • Monitor trends
  • Access to studies: free of charge
  • Workshops and presentations: approx. 1.5h, CHF 400

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As the Swiss competence centre for careers in international cooperation, cinfo has the necessary sector knowledge to carry out studies and collect statistics exactly where they are relevant for the actors in the working arena.

Access to studies

"Studies and statistics" at a glance

Labour market monitoring

  • Data from surveys of: employers / education and training institutions / cinfoPoste job portal profiles / analysis of job advertisements.
  • Publication of report every two years
  • You have access to current data keeping you up to date.
  • You will find useful information for the strategic direction of your educational programmes / your institution.

Specific studies

  • Publications on current topics (e.g. diversity, interest of young professionals, highly sought-after skills in the future, etc.)
  • You receive information and recommendations on these topics.

Workshops and conferences on HR trends

  • Recommendations to actors in the field
  • Online presentations or on-site/in-house events as desired
  • You receive first-hand input in the form of workshops or events.
For my daily work as a leader, cinfo's publications give me valuable input, be it for recruiting new staff, identifying trends in international cooperation or adapting internal and external communication. In particular, the report 'Diversity in the Swiss Labour Market' helped me broaden my horizons. The information is presented in a short and concise way.
dario bruhlmann
Director of Marketing & Fundraising
World Vision Switzerland
cinfo brings a valuable additional service. It is close to the institutions and aware of where their priorities lie; as a result, it can develop the fundamentals, which is enormously beneficial to us.
Anne Bickel
Director People & Learning
cinfo is both an information platform and competence centre. It is at the forefront of incorporating new developments and providing awareness-raising and information activities.
Caroline Morel
Former Executive Director

How to register

Would you like to receive first-hand input in the form of a workshop or conference?

We can arrange this for your institution, either onsite or online.

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