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International cooperation insights

An uncommon sector that is multi-faceted and dynamic – this is how international cooperation and, in particular, the associated Swiss labour market can best be defined.

What is international cooperation

International cooperation covers the fields of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and peace promotion. Once...

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Types of employers in international cooperation

Can you predict what work in an organisation looks like from its status? Yes, to some extent. There are different types...

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International Cooperation: Analysis of Labour Market Monitoring 2021

What are the latest international cooperation (IC) labour market developments? How has its workforce evolved? What...

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Future Trends and Competencies for the Swiss International Cooperation Sector

What competencies will be needed in the future of international cooperation (IC)? The sector is dynamic and experiencing...

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Diversity in the Swiss Labour Market of International Cooperation

How much diversity and inclusion do you find in the labour market of international cooperation? cinfo and BASS conducted...

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The Interest of Young Professionals for a Career in International Cooperation

What motivates young talent to work in international cooperation? Are they considering a career abroad? Do their...

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