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Pre-departure Security Online Workshop

Prepare your personnel in the best possible way for upcoming assignments abroad

The focus of this training is on learning basic techniques to increase security in everyday life, practising communication and negotiation techniques,  dealing with violent situations and preventing and coping with stress. In addition, the workshop supports participants in continuously evaluating their experiences and developing their resilience beyond their training.

Personnel of international cooperation organisations who are soon to be deployed abroad

  • Support employees in safety and health issues
  • Prevent safety and health risks when staff are deployed abroad

1-day workshop

  • Staff of member organisations:
    CHF 350/participant
  • Staff of non-member organisations:
    CHF 450/participant

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Practical approaches to strengthening the ability to take action

cinfo is the Swiss competence centre for careers in international cooperation. We have designed this unique workshop based on decades of experience in facilitating professionals. The training offers practical help and increases your personnel’s action competence and resilience.


The workshop at a glance

Context and risk analysis

  • Identify main risks in the area of operation
  • Observation and analysis of the environment
  • Develop an adequate personal security strategy

Participants will analyse risks at the workplace and react adequately to them.

Staff safety and health

  • Choosing safe places to stay and means of travel
  • Appropriate behaviour at check-points, towards armed persons, etc.
  • Health precautions

Participants learn how to deal with exceptional situations that affect their safety and health.

Stress management

  • Relationship between personal security and stress management

Participants can successfully manage stress, thereby increasing their personal safety.

How to register

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