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Conducting Assessments

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Finding the right people for specific roles and postings in international cooperation is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. We support you in your search for the most suitable staff, in particular through an in-depth aptitude assessment of candidates for key positions.

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Combining two areas of expertise

When conducting assessments, cinfo works together with experienced assessment specialists as well as drawing on its own extensive knowledge of the international cooperation labour market. The combination of these two areas of expertise makes our assessments unique.

cinfo was very quick to recognise and integrate new developments in management diagnostics, such as special interview techniques, that others in the sector were hesitant to adopt.
Christoph Roth
Occupational and organisational psychologist
ILA Institut für Laufbahn und Arbeit GmbH

"Conducting assessments" at a glance

Preparing and conducting assessments

  • Clarification of the scope of the assignment and definition of assessment criteria
  • Design of the diagnostic tools with selected, scientifically validated test procedures and interactive exercises
  • Preparation and implementation of the assessment in cooperation with the ILA Institut für Laufbahn und Arbeit
  • Skills and competencies are assessed in detail.
  • Objective assessment using a range of requirements predefined with you.

Providing a report

  • Preparation of a comprehensive assessment report
  • Presentation to the client
  • You receive a solid base of information to make your decision.

Conducting feedback interviews

  • Feedback to candidates


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