Sector insights

International Cooperation: Analysis of Labour Market Monitoring 2021

What are the latest international cooperation (IC) labour market developments? How has its workforce evolved? What skills are in demand and what do the jobs in this sector look like? Through our ongoing analysis of this labour market, our report provides you with answers and food for thought.

12 October 2022

At a glance

The report gives you an accurate picture of the labour market in this sector; for example:

  • Almost two-thirds of the Swiss IC workforce works in the humanitarian aid sector.
  • Half of all IC positions are located in Switzerland, and the other half are abroad.
  • The Sustainable Development Goal most pursued by the organisations is “Gender Equality”.
  • The growth trend of the entire IC sector seems to be continuing.
  • Amongst employees, the proportion of women based in Switzerland is significantly higher than for positions abroad.
  • The number of students enrolled in IC-related courses and IC-specific further education courses has nearly tripled over the past 15 years.
  • The most advertised jobs by far are in the areas of “business support and administration”.

For the first time, the report considers positions with a support function, such as fundraising, HR and finance.

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