Your institution and students

Are you training professionals for international cooperation? cinfo increases the visibility of your programmes, sources speakers with practical experience, and develops courses with you that give students what they need for their future professional lives.

Promote your training programmes and courses

cinfo's overview of courses is a highly effective way to advertise your programmes and to position your institution in the field of international cooperation.

Prepare your students

How can you enable your students to discover career paths in international cooperation? How can you support them in preparing for an internship abroad? At cinfo we understand the needs of students due to the nature of our own activities.

Learn from each other

The cinfo events and platforms are all about learning, exchanging, and networking: develop new perspectives with professional colleagues and peers and get inspiration for your institution and own work.

Stay up to date with the latest research on institutional trends

What are the complementary and competing educational opportunities in the field of international cooperation? What does the professional future hold for your students? cinfo regularly conducts studies on career and work-related issues in the sector.

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