Talent Programme: Swiss Youth at the World Bank
We are recruiting for 11 positions to work abroad for one year with the World Bank.
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Are you Swiss, younger than 29, and hold a Master's degree? We are recruiting for 11 positions to work abroad for one year with the World Bank. For you,...

An initiative of cinfo, supported by Fondation Botnar, this programme will help you sharpen your vision, grow your leadership style, and develop the skills...

What motivates young talent to work in international cooperation? Are they considering a career abroad? Do their competencies meet the needs of employers?...

  • online

    Interessieren Sie sich für eine Laufbahn in der humanitären Hilfe, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, wirtschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit oder...

  • on-site

    Are you about to leave on an assignment in an unfamiliar context? Whether you stay three days, three weeks or three years, you want to travel...

  • online

    4 half-days, from 18 to 23 March 2021

    Conflicts are part of the daily life and work in any organisation. They often have negative...

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Open JPO positions

Are you looking for a career in multilateral organisations?

1 open position at the moment

Swiss young professionals with 3 years’ experience and interested in a career with multilateral organisations are invited to apply.

Open to Swiss nationals only, the application procedure is less competitive than for other positions at multilateral organisations. Seize the opportunity!

Education and training programmes

With so many courses available, choosing a relevant programme for a career in international cooperation can be a challenge. Compare and choose from over 200 education and training programmes by more than 40 institutions. 

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