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Introduction to the Field of Work and Landscape of Actors

Present your students with possible career paths in international cooperation

cinfo complements your modules and seminars with input on the various fields in international cooperation and the landscape of actors. We offer an overview of the sector specifically geared to students' questions and make them familiar with the most important actors and thematic areas – an important foundation for clarifying and deepening interest in the professional arena.

Info on international cooperation

Educational institutions related to international cooperation

Enable students to discover career paths in international cooperation

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From an educational institution for educational institutions

As the Swiss competence centre for international cooperation, cinfo is also a centre for information, advisory activities and education. We understand the needs of students due to the nature of our own activities. We offer them input about key focus areas and answer individual questions based on many years of experience in the sector.

Intro to international cooperation

The service at a glance

What is international cooperation, and how does this area function?

  • Understanding the sector
  • Central actors and their thematic areas and activities
  • Living and working in the sector
  • Students gain an overview of the issues and actors involved in international cooperation.

Discover career opportunities

  • Overview of occupational requirements and skills demanded by the sector
  • Career opportunities and career paths
  • Students can review personal expectations and solidify ideas.
  • Students can clarify their interest in the professional field.

Entry into the profession

  • Key points when taking the first steps
  • How to start: how and where to begin?
  • Students receive input to ensure a successful start to their careers.

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