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Career Advice in International Cooperation

We support you in all your career questions - at every stage of your professional journey in international cooperation.

Whether you are currently working for, or aspire to work for, organisations such as the United Nations, development banks, the Swiss Confederation, NGOs or private foundations, our career advice service is tailored to your unique situation. In this safe space, you can address your career questions and needs, focusing on your professional aspirations and personal development.

Career advice
Biel-Bienne or online
60 minutes/session
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up to 48 hours before the appointment, you will be refunded with a deduction of CHF 50

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Situations for career advice

Figure out your next career move

You have some experience in international cooperation (humanitarian aid, development, peacebuilding, etc.) and want to take your career to the next level. Or you are unsure about the next steps and want to assess your situation and potential.

Looking for a career change?

You are considering a move into international cooperation, whether with a Swiss-based or an international organisation.

Making decisions

You will soon have to make choices that will shape or affect your professional and personal life.

Moving abroad as a partner

Are you following your partner abroad and worried about what will happen to your own career?

Back in Switzerland. What to do now?

After some time abroad, you are back in Switzerland and do not want to go abroad again. What are your options? How can you manage the transition?

Leaving international cooperation?

Are you considering moving from international cooperation to another sector (public or private)?

Through career advice, we enable you to delve deeper into your questions and gain valuable insights to help you assess your situation and make informed decisions to position yourself effectively.

Who can benefit

  • Professionals working in international cooperation, regardless of their role or geographical location
  • Career changers who want to use their experience and skills to contribute to international cooperation
  • Young professionals with or without experience in international cooperation

Structure of counselling sessions

  • Outline the situation and issues
  • Clarify concerns
  • Agree on goals of session

For example:

  • Discuss and determine realistic career goals
  • Explore motivations
  • Identify strengths, preferences and areas to develop

For example:

  • Determine short and middle-term options
  • Analyse the consequences
  • Weigh up options and determine concrete plan of action

Our career advisors

Our career advisors bring years of experience in international cooperation, in-depth sector knowledge and expertise in counselling and coaching. With a strong network of employer connections, they are well equipped to guide you towards your career goals.

Beat Geiser
Beat has coached individuals and groups in career development, career transitions, work... More
Lisa Isler
Lisa has been advising and supporting individuals and organisations in international co... More
Gabriela Steinemann
Gabriela has been involved in counselling and supporting people for 15+ years, mainly i... More


60-minute session, online


Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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60-minute session, in Biel-Bienne

Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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2-hour package (2x60 minutes)

Biel-Bienne or Zoom

Analysis of your situation, special focus on specific topics, outline of the next steps.

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