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Types of employers in international cooperation

Can you predict what work in an organisation looks like from its status? Yes, to some extent. There are different types of actors in international cooperation. A comparison between them shows the similarities and differences that can influence work. It goes without saying that each organisation also has its own particularities.

Working at a multilateral development bank

Multilateral development banks make financial resources available on favourable terms (sometimes at no cost) for...

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Working at the United Nations

Over the years, the UN has evolved into a vast network of organisations (e.g. UNICEF) and programmes (e.g. the World...

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Working for the government

Switzerland has been active in international cooperation for over 60 years. The fight against poverty and hunger...

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Working in an NGO

There is a wide range of NGOs, and they vary greatly in size. Some employ only a few people, others several hundred.

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Working with a private sector company / foundation

The so-called "private sector" in international cooperation is, in fact a broad field. It ranges from consulting to...

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Working in training and research

Institutions active in education and research, which have a link to international cooperation, are often also active as...

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