Insight to Action: Your Role in Localisation

Inspired by cinfo's 2023 Immersion Day, this Gazette addresses a critical issue in global cooperation: localisation. We encourage readers to reflect deeply on their role in promoting equitable partnerships between actors from the global North and South.

17 April 2024

At a glance

Why localisation matters

The concept of localisation, also known as decolonisation of the sector, emphasises local ownership and empowers local actors to take a leading role in the humanitarian and development initiatives that concern their communities. This shift from externally driven agendas to locally designed solutions recognises the critical value of local knowledge and expertise in creating sustainable change.

The challenge: bridging the gap

Despite years of discussion, there remains a gap between theory and practice. Local actors often face barriers:

  • Meeting the strict requirements of Northern organisations and donors.
  • Undermining their expertise.
  • Reliance on intermediaries that drain valuable resources.

A call for systemic change

cinfo proposes a systemic change approach that combines personal and interpersonal reflection on power dynamics, privilege and unconscious bias, with concrete tools and support for organisations in the system.

The Immersion Day served as a springboard for an ongoing learning process. This gazette captures the essence of the event and encourages further reflection for both participants and those who were unable to attend.

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