cinfo launches version 3.0 of its job portal

cinfoPoste, the Swiss portal for jobs in international cooperation, has now become an innovative platform! We have developed it taking into account the latest job search journeys and recruitment trends. A number of new features are available to both job seekers and employers.

What doesn't change

cinfoPoste remains the only Swiss job portal where people and organisations working internationally for a better, fairer world come together. In other words, this is where you can find, respectively publish, jobs in international development, humanitarian aid, relief work, human rights, peacebuilding and more.

What's new

The new cinfoPoste includes many new features, making it even more attractive to both job seekers and employers. Expect more vacancies, respectively more candidates, in the future that may be of interest to you. 

Some of the new features:

  • Thanks to our algorithms, job seekers can identify relevant vacancies to their profile more easily
  • Job seekers can set up job agents (customised email alerts for newly advertised vacancies)
  • By creating a profile, job seekers become part of our talent pool, where we frequently draw potential candidates for the organisations we work with
  • On request, employers have the possibility to automate the publication of their vacancies
  • Organisations can also use the new cinfoPoste as a recruitment tool without additional costs
  • In this case, they can have access to the candidates' video CVs, submit "killer questions", and more.

What is the next step?

Visit to get a first glimpse of the new portal.

You are an active or passive job seeker?

  • Create a candidate profile – even if you aren't actively searching for a job right now, having a cinfoPoste profile is worth it!

You are an employer?