Annual Report cinfo 2022

Capturing cinfo's 2022 journey

Through a series of videos, we capture the essence of our journey over the past year and highlight some of our activities.

14 June 2023
Forum 2022 Career Fair

Annual financial statement 2022

Forum cinfo 22

Forum cinfo Project Manager, Loraine Ding, shares her insights on the last Forum and the role of this event in connecting professionals and organisations, promoting professional development and encouraging knowledge exchange in the field of international cooperation.

Positioning Swiss in multilateral organisations

On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, cinfo supports Swiss professionals considering a career with the UN or a development bank, and those already in the system. Nora Landheer, Senior HR Advisor, explains why we offer different event formats, ranging from open to exclusive.

Future trends and competencies study

Irenka Krone-Germann, Co-Director of cinfo, presents our study with ETH NADEL on future trends and competencies for the international cooperation sector. The study shows how competencies will be essential to respond to the future needs of the sector, with a focus on the Swiss context.

Young talent programmes

Investing in the next generation is essential. Our HR Advisors, Roman Twerenbold and Saskia Zaugg, present cinfo's latest initiatives aimed at fostering the development of young practitioners and providing opportunities for students, graduates and junior professionals.

Mobilising talent in finance

Multilateral development banks are an attractive and often underestimated opportunity in the financial world. Natal Donnaloia, Senior HR Advisor, reports on our campaign to inform Swiss finance and banking professionals about career opportunities in these organisations.

Workshop «Selbständigkeit als Consultant»

After years of working in international cooperation, many professionals consider becoming self-employed as consultants. They come to us with questions like "How does it work? Do I have the right profile? How have others done it? Lisa Isler, a consultant at cinfo, presents our new workshop on this topic.

Learning Journey into Leadership for Young Changemakers

Shazia Islamshah, Senior Advisor, reflects on the 2022 edition of the Learning Journey into Leadership, supported by our partner Fondation Botnar. This free programme is aimed at young people, especially future "changemakers" from different countries, who want to start a project to make a difference in their community.