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Swiss Armed Forces International Command

International peacebuilding is one of the three missions of the Swiss Armed Forces. Around 280 men and women are currently deployed around the world to achieve peace.

SWISSCOY personnel serve the Kosovo Force (KFOR) and support its mission of maintaining a safe and stable environment and ensuring freedom of movement for everyone in Kosovo.
In other countries around the world, military observers, staff officers and demining experts are deployed individually or in small teams on behalf of the UN, the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission in Korea (NNSC) or the European Union Force (EUFOR)/Operation Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Focusing on the following sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

How we work

The SWISSINT Centre of Competence in Stans-Oberdorf (NW) is the highest national command authority for all peacebuilding missions abroad. It is responsible for planning and management, the recruitment, supervision and coordination of personnel, the training of individuals and units, ensuring that soldiers are equipped for their missions, handling logistics abroad, financial planning and credit management, public relations work and mission evaluation.

... and why

International peacebuilding is one of the three missions of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Career opportunities

Seeking candidates mainly in

Human Resources Management
Information and Communication Technology
Media and Communication
Monitoring and Evaluation
Political Affairs and Peacekeeping
Security and Safety
Supply Chain Management

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in: Peacebuilding assignments enrich your life and professional experience. They are suitable for professional reorientation as well as for transitional years. In addition to the varied and challenging nature of the work, you will also interact personally and professionally with people from other nations and become familiar with foreign cultures. New skills are acquired and existing knowledge is deepened.

Opportunities offered

Internships for students no
Traineeships/Talent programs for graduates no
Positions/programs for young professionals yes
Staff positions for professionals yes
Senior or management positions yes
Consultancy opportunities no


Prior to deployment, prospective peacekeepers complete a mission-related training course. Those who successfully complete the recruitment process are admitted to this course. The basic requirements include, among other things, Swiss citizenship, between 18 and 65 years of age, professional experience and, in general, completion of recruit school. In certain roles, women can also serve in the Balkans without basic military training. In such cases, they will undergo mission-related basic military training before starting the training course. Depending on the duties to be performed, a good knowledge of German and, in some cases, a good to very good command of English are also required.

For deployments as a military observer or staff officer in UN missions, the prerequisites are officer training in the Swiss Armed Forces, a very good command of English, great physical and mental resilience, and age between 25 and 55.

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Type of organisation


Field(s) of activity

Development Cooperation
Humanitarian Aid
Peace Promotion and Human Security


Stans-Oberdorf (NW), Switzerland

Region(s) of operation

Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Middle East and Northern Africa
North America
South/East Asia and Pacific
Sub-Saharan Africa

Number of employees

In Switzerland:
Between 50 and 200

Outside Switzerland:
Between 200 and 1000

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