Swiss presence in multilateral organisations

Get your application flagged

If you are a Swiss national and have been invited to the first round of the selection process for a international position with one of cinfo's priority multilateral organisations, we can increase your visibility by flagging your application.

Have you received your invitation to a written test, interview or assessment center? You are welcome to inform cinfo. To support your visibility, we flag your application to the HR departments of cinfo’s focus multilateral organisations and our partners in the federal administration. 

5 stars candidates

5 stars candidates

Our 12 focus UN organisations

As a member state of the United Nations, the Swiss Confederation strives to increase the presence of Swiss professionals in various UN organisations:

UN Women
WHO (coming soon)

Our 8 focus development banks

As a stakeholder in international financial institutions, the Swiss Confederation strives to increase the presence of Swiss professionals in various multilateral development banks:

World Bank

Application flagging is part of a broader range of support services aimed at positioning Swiss nationals in multilateral organisations.
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Application flagging at a glance

When you are invited to a job interview with one of cinfo's 20 focus multilateral organisations, we flag your application with our HR contact in the respective organisation and the federal administration as appropriate.

If you have not been selected following the interview, wherever possible, we get feedback on the reasons.

How to proceed

Inform us about your upcoming interview

Upload a copy of the job vacancy and your application in the “Documents” section of your cinfoPoste Talent Pool profile (please make sure to inform us by sending an email to

Please note that for data protection reasons, we can only flag your application if your documents are uploaded in the “Documents” section of your cinfoPoste Talent Pool profile, as we cannot share your documents with our external partners otherwise.


Application flagging cannot be offered in the following cases:

  • You have applied to another than the 20 focus organisations
  • You have applied for a local position or a general service position
  • You are not a Swiss national

Have you applied to a non-focus multilateral organisation?

Swiss nationals who have reached the final selection stage (short-list) are welcome to share a copy of the job description and their completed application form with the relevant desk at the Swiss Confederation. If you do not know the desk, send the documents to the Candidatures Section of the FDFA. Please note that support to individual applications is subject to strategic assessment.

Any questions?