Swiss interested in working with the United Nations or International Financial Institutions

Are you Swiss and interested in starting a career with the United Nations or International Financial Institutions? Here is how cinfo can support you.

cinfo's services

We provide information and advice on working in multilateral organisations, facilitate your networking and support you throughout the various stages of the selection process:

Information & advice
Networking with employers and experts
  • How can I get first-hand information from and network with HR specialists, recruiters and experts?
    Attend our upcoming events with multilateral organisations – some take place online (webinars), others in Switzerland or in the countries where the organisations are based.
Application & interview support

Before applying

After submitting your application

  • If you apply to one of cinfo's 19 focus organisations mentioned below, Swiss nationals are encouraged to share a copy (PDF) both of their application and the vacancy announcement with We inform our partners from the respective organisation and the Swiss Government about qualified applications. If you have applied to any other multilateral organisation: Swiss nationals are welcome to share a copy of their complete application dossier with the relevant Desk at the Swiss Confederation. If you do not know the Desk, you can send the documents to the Candidatures Section of the FDFA. 

Before an interview

  • If you are invited for a job interview, increase your chances of success by registering for an Interview Preparation training. This service is offered free of charge to Swiss nationals that interview with one of cinfo's 19 focus organisations.

Our focus organisations

In addition to providing information and advice on working in multilateral organisations in general, cinfo has been mandated by the SDCSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and SECOState Secretariat for Economic Affairs to provide support in order to strengthen the presence of Swiss nationals in the following organisations:

Opportunities for Swiss young professionals

To contribute to the mandate implementation of multilateral organisations and to offer employment opportunities to talented young Swiss professionals, the Swiss Confederation sponsors two types of assignments with multilateral organisations:

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Consultancy opportunities at the UN and IFIs

A consultancy position is often the first step towards a career in the United Nations or in International Financial Institutions.

cinfo’s newsletter

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Swiss nationals working in UN organisations and IFIs

Get to know some of the Swiss nationals working for those organisations and learn about their career development, their daily work, and challenges they encounter. 


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